Greencastle Commission on Sustainability Meeting Recap

Yesterday, March 21, 2017, myself along with Joevita Weah and Mayra Leon Cross, attended the Greencastle Commission on Sustainability meeting at City Hall.

Many opportunities were presented to us DePauw students to become more active in the local community of Greencastle as a whole in regards to sustainability. The Farmer’s Market will be starting its season up again soon and will be every Saturday morning from 8am-12pm. There are currently 3 open positions to serve on the commission, of which Mayra, Joevita, and myself have volunteered to fill. The Greencastle Community Garden will resume its price at $5 a plot and has a new leader with ties to DePauw’s campus farm.

June 10-18 of this year Greencastle will be participating in Nature Play Days, where the commission is open to have DePauw Campus Farm students be involved. A general meeting will be held on April 25 at the hospital to discuss sponsorships, activities, and more.

The Greencastle Library will be attempting to plant a new milkweed garden to stimulate and support monarch butterfly populations in Indiana. There is also an award for “Garden Beautification” that will be awarded to a resident with the best native plant garden.

The commissioners wanted to incorporate or produce an Indiana Native Plant Guide to gardening pamphlet that would list out native plants that work well together in gardens and also serve ecological benefits. I brought up the resource of INPAWS (Indiana Native Plant & Wildflower Society), which has most of this information made accessible to the public and for reproduction usage.



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