Best Pollinator Foods to Add to Garden

But first, why are pollinators important? Why do they matter?   "Pollinators are organisms that carry pollen from one flower to another. Flowering plants depend on pollinators in order to reproduce. These relationships are so important that many plants have adapted traits that make their flowers more attractive to pollinators, such as having brightly colored petals …

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Nature Play Days

Between June 10 and June 18, across the state of Indiana, Nature Play Days were held. In Greencastle, IN, the Greencastle Sustainability Committee and the BE WELL Putnam County Hospital Community Wellness Initiative worked together to bring Nature Play Days to the youth of Greencastle. Various activities such as butterfly garden planting, nature hikes, and volunteering …

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Reflection on Native Plant Project

When creating my EFP project, I wanted something that would impact the Greencastle community, not just DePauw. Through joining the Greencastle Sustainability Commission, important ideas arose from listening to the wants and needs of the community. The most meaningful issue that the commissioners brought up was the lack of a user-friendly native plant gardening guide …

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