Environmental Fellows may major in any existing department or program, thereby developing the knowledge and expertise appropriate to a particular discipline or specialized field of study. This depth of understanding will be enriched through environmentally focused courses across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities; through experiential learning opportunities such as scientific research, internships, or off-campus study; through involvement in the program’s learning community and co-curricular activities; and through an interdisciplinary capstone experience in which students will be called to integrate all aspects of their environmental education.

Natural Sciences

Fall 2016: Earth and the Environment, Dr. Fred Soster

Spring 2017: Weather, Climate, and Climate Change, Dr. Jim Mills

AP Credit: Intro to Environmental Science, Mrs. Lisa Kern


Arts & Humanities


Social Sciences

Fall 2016: City Lab: Complexity Thinking and the City, Dr. Glen Kuecker


Honors Courses

Spring 2017: Rethinking the Environment, Dr. John Caraher and Dr. Christina Holmes